Practice & Lessons

Warm up before a round or take your game to a whole new level.

lesson.pngWillow Creek Golf Club provides ample facilities for you to get in a proper warm-up before you take to the course.

We have a two-level practice range tee - the front level can accommodate roughly 15 golfers. The upper level is bigger, accommodating roughly 25 golfers. You’re likely to see a frenzy of hitters up here on the weekends. We also have one chipping green and one putting green.

Go forth as a better golfer, with instruction from Goforth Golf!

It may be a bit of a cliché, a play on words, but nothing could be further from the truth! Our GM and Head Professional Steve Goforth is a dedicated instructor of golf. More than than, he’s eminently qualified and has a legacy of success in helping golfers of all skill levels kick their game up a notch.

Lessons? Yes, from the best!

From beginners to seasoned pros, many a golfer has learned at the hands of Steve Goforth.

Steve is very active in building the First Tee program here at Willow Creek, giving youth a taste of golf while ensuring the future of the game is in good hands. Steve’s Junior Camp in summer is very well-attended; get your budding Tour Pro – boy or girl – in on the ground floor with Steve!

“Goforth Golf Instruction helps you with every part of your golf game.”

The best swings start with solid fundamentals and every golfer, no matter what skill level, can improve and get more from their golf game. Working with a golf professional to improve your game is the most effective step players can take to make changes that will create the results they desire.

“Goforth Golf Instruction addresses all facets of the game; full swing, short game, course management, or putting. Lesson programs are designed with the beginner or pro goals in mind. We make golf enjoyable for players at every level. Goforth Golf Instruction specializes in individual and group lessons.

“As the owner of the company, my goal is for every golfer to obtain quality and sincere golf instruction in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Every golfer has the desire to be better. Whether it’s improving your driver swing or making more putts, I want to improve your desired game. Don’t be afraid to take the next step to improving your golf game. Sign up for quality golf instruction with Goforth Golf Instruction and begin your journey to a more enjoyable and successful golf game.”

Find the lesson plan and rate that best suits your needs. Click here to view lesson options. 

Steve’s Teaching Philosophy

“My goal as a golf instructor is to create a relationship with each student in which the student makes progress toward their goals and we both enjoy the journey. I am a believer that the golf swing needs to fit the individual and be kept as simple as possible. As your golf instructor, I will observe, teach, and coach you so that you have fun learning and playing the game based on a realistic level of commitment, talent, and limitations. I will present a program that will focus on the mental and physical principles to enhance your performance under challenging playing situations.

“I believe in giving the student a small dose of information so you never feel that you cannot handle the new movements made in your golf swing. Every student will receive a lesson summary emailed to you that outlines the topics and swing changes we discussed or reviewed in that lesson. This gives the student unlimited access to the knowledge received from every lesson.

“I also have the ability to film your golf swing on the lesson tee using my iPad and state of the art software, The V1 Coaching System.  We can review your swing from different angles and observe your video immediately on the lesson tee. The short game and playing lessons are also included in my lesson formats. I want every student to walk away from my golf instruction with a positive experience as well as an understanding of cause and effect with the golf swing. You will understand what causes undesirable shots and what causes great shots!

“Teaching the game of golf should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the student and the instructor!”

It works! Student testimonials speak of Steve’s success.

Word-of-mouth advertising is usually the best advertising. Because you can’t buy words like these!

“I had four lessons with Steve. When we started I was a 14.7 index and now I am a 9.4.
Steve kept the instruction simple and now my game is so very much improved and
my confidence is high. Thank you Steve!”
- Bobby P.

“I tried on my own for months to make my swing better and ended up making it worse
and losing all confidence in my swing. Steve made several adjustments to my swing so now
I swing with confidence and make better contact than ever… He even had me swing
with my eyes closed just to show me to trust my swing.

Steve helped me a lot with my swing and short game… now it’s just seeing the shot and
trusting everything and my game will improve. Now I’m practicing the right way to get better”
- Michael J.

“After my lessons with Steve, I have a clear understanding of how to swing each club
effectively. I have gained confidence and keep improving as I practice & play.”
- Don W.

“After playing golf occasionally for years, I finally decided to approach the game more seriously. I
purchased 5 (five) 30 minute lessons with Steve Goforth and left each lesson eager to put the
information I was given into practice on the course. While I will never be on “The Tour”, Mr. Goforth
has given me the tools to enjoy the game and improve my overall control on the course.”
- Tim C. Age 62

“There are three things that I am looking for in a provided service, whether it’s a corporation,
food, or personal services; 1).  Knowledge 2). Communication 3). Support.

Steve’s knowledge of golf was very apparent from the very start of my lessons, evident by the
drills he recommends for the specific problems I was having.

“What separates Steve from most golf instructors are his communication skills.

There were a couple of times during my instructions when I became a little frustrated because
I could not grasp a certain technique.  Steve stayed with me, changing his verbal descriptions
until I understood the point he was making.

“After my lessons were complete, Steve continues his support, answering questions,
giving specific points, and asking about my improvement or progress.

Steve has met my three points above exceptionally well, but what makes him different
from my past instructor, Steve really cares about making you a better golfer
and is willing to take that extra time and effort to try and make it happen.”
- David J. 

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