An Actual Honest-to-Goodness Golf Shop!

For some clubs, the golf shop is a former broom closet. An afterthought. Not here! You can literally walk into the golf shop at Willow Creek Golf Club without a stick, a ball – nothing! – and we can outfit you to tackle our marvelous course!

We’ll get you dressed in some of golf’s finest, like  Footjoy, Adidas, Callaway. When it comes to clubs, we have a nice assortment of putters and wedges. We can even get you outfitted with a few house-brand logoed clothing and accessories from some of our favorite vendors.

Get a (re)grip on your game!

Come see us for a quick, professional re-gripping on your clubs — one of ‘em or your hole bag!

Our Custom Club Repair Center offers a wide variety of grips from:

We can also shorten or extend your golf clubs, as well has adjusting your lofts and lies on your irons. If you had a bad day on the course or your club isn’t performing the way you want it to perform, we have the ability to re-shaft your golf club!

If they’re working here, they know their stuff!

Remember those “broom closet golf shops” mentioned above? Yeah, they usually have a broom-closet-quality staff, too! Here at Willow Creek, everyone you encounter in our golf shop has the experience, knowledge and expertise to assist you in all matter relating to  outfitting you for a round!


Click here to contact us for more information or call (864) 670-9329.

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