Dear Outing Coordinator:

Relax! I’ve got this … Maybe you’ve heard this from other golf courses. Maybe you were burned. Maybe you need to consider Willow Creek Golf Club for your next outing!

Here’s a comprehensive list of what we do for your Willow Creek Outing: Everything.

Here’s a list of all the people you’ll have to deal with in coordinating your outing: Me.

There’s no way we can make the golf outing coordinator’s job any easier! In fact, I would encourage you to pack your clubs and prepare for a stress-free day on the course with your outing participants.

Small outings are treated like they’re a big deal, because they are. Large outings get the attention to detail that goes into a small outing.

If you have the need for a small outing, you might feel like your business isn’t big enough for us. On the other side of the coin, you might have a large outing that you feel will get lost in the shuffle. Know that we handle ALL outings – large and small – as if our very existence depended upon it. In a way, it does!

Golf: Priority #1

If the golf course isn’t up to the task, an outing is doomed before it starts. The Willow Creek course – a Tom Jackson masterpiece.

It’s one of the area’s finest, fairest courses, with enough challenge for your better participants and enough beautiful, natural distractions to keep your duffers from feeling frustrated.

Golfers gotta eat!

Reality: some outing attendees are there for the eats! Your foodies will enjoy the day, as Debbie Forsee, the Grill Manager, oversees all of our catering concerns. Check out our menu here and if you don’t see what you want, let’s discuss that.

Welcome Home to Our Clubhouse

Our clubhouse, with meeting and dining areas, and a large golf shop, is a warm, inviting hub for all of your outing activities. Our professional staff, very organized and efficient with outings, is easy to work with. I’ll see to that.

We cross the t’s and dot the i’s – it’s all in the contract.

We do everything to make your Willow Creek outing a worry free experience for the outing coordinator. In fact, pack your clubs! Because on the day of your outing, I’ll take care of the details and you can relax and enjoy the day!

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